Winter Solstice of 2007 Mayan Shamans Performed First All Night Ritual at the Pyramids of Tikal

Winter Solstice of 2007 Mayan Shamans Performed First All Night Ritual at the Pyramids of Tikal

Winter Solstice of 2007 Mayan Shamans Performed First All Night Ritual at the Pyramids of Tikal

December 21st 2007 I was sent to meet the Kakulhaa Mayan Spiritual Guides to witness the first ever, all night Winter Solstice Ceremony at the pyramids of Tikal. A new paradigm is on the horizon; a paradigm focused on the sacred in life. The Mayans have always been conscious of the synchronistic realms. This is the reason for their many calendars. One date is held in the highest regard and it has been etched into the thoughts of the entire world; the Winter Solstice of 2012. The Mayans hold many prophecies. One is that a "Tribe of Nations" would gather for the Winter Solstice ceremony.

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On December 21st 2007, the Kakulhaa Mayan Foundation performed a ceremony in Tikal Guatemala that has not been performed since the discovery of the Temple of the Jaguar; an all night Winter Solstice ceremony. The prophecy was clear, unite the people or suffer total catastrophe. I was one that was called. It was an arduous trip and one I have dreamed of all my life.

The Mayan shamans said those that discovered the mystery would survive. They asked me if I thought it possible that the world could unite with one heart. It seemed like this was the only solution. A miraculous path had led me to them and I told them so.

We took many "chicken buses" and shuttles before we reached Tikal. In San Francisco we celebrated the end of the Tolkein calendar on December 19th with burnt offerings to the Mayan ancestors. I'm certain I saw a group offering skittles and crackers. When a ceremonially dressed Mayan cracks a bottle of Pepsi and everyone partakes and offers it to the fire, all I can say is I'm glad I have it on film.

When we returned to the Kakulhaa Foundation our chicken bus "Wendy" was waiting outside. Everyone let out a little moan. I personally had been on twice as many buses as I had been there days. "Wendy" took us fourteen hours into the jungle of Guatemala. It was a good bus but I was suffering from "Montezuma's Revenge". I'm certain I have never been more miserable. Fortunately, I was traveling with healers and shamans and with some reiki work, and some awful brown juice, my fever broke the following night. I was in paradise.

A tribe of nations had miraculously gathered on the beach in Guatemala; none of us could explain the great mystery that had brought us here. We simply knew that this was the truth. There was a guiding force leading us to our destiny. I continually questioned the worth of the ceremony. What purpose was being fulfilled by our gathering?

This trip was not without its tribulations. When we arrived at the ruins we were told that the ceremony could not happen. Two of the Mayans, a doctor and a lawyer who belonged to the Freemasonic fraternity began making calls to their contacts. The decision wavered until suddenly it was the now familiar shouts of "VAMINOS" and "RAPIDO" It was time to venture into the lost realm of the Mayans. I did have to skirt past a man with a shotgun. I simply stated, "No habla espanol", turned and kept walking.

This night the moon was almost full. It had not risen yet and the stairs leading to the pyramid were treacherous while carrying the ceremonial offerings and the marimbas. I crested the hill and received my first look at the massive structure. The moon seemed to be resting upon it. Then, the moons rays seemed to be drawn toward the pyramid. In my amazement, I lost sight of my group. I jogged up the rest of the way and found the Mayans performing a ceremony around the fire plate that was positioned between what was unromantically called "Temple 1 and Temple 2." I knew them as the Temple of the Jaguar and the Temple of the Moon.

I had thought that somehow I was late and had missed recording the lighting of the fire. It did not take me long to realize that this was not my group. This was a different group of Mayans that were finishing their ceremony. I noticed that those watching this ceremony were irreverent, drunk and even rude.

In the interim between ceremonies there was an angry discussion. I had never seen my new friends angry, not even close to it. I filmed the exchange without knowing the reason it was happening. In time I learned that the Tata (Mayan shaman) that I had been filming had tried to molest two of the girls in our group. He had tried to drag one girl and then the other to the dark passages of the pyramids. I had only witnessed him being sprayed in the face with some liquid from another Tata's mouth.

Soon, these people were gone and I knew that from now until dawn the pyramids were ours. There was a council circle before the ceremony and everyone seemed tired and upset. It had been a long trip with constant let downs. We really weren't sure if this moment would actually happen. It was an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. As the stick came to me, I wanted to express that we were not on vacation. A great mystery had brought us together and we recognize this. We are here because we believe positive change is possible. The two Tata's in our circle sat sullen. At the time I was still unaware of the attack on the girls. I only knew I wanted to hold these men and make them feel alright. Everyone felt this need and we huddled around them and held them. The Mayan in my arms began to sob and I squeezed tighter fighting my own tears. Damn male pride. I'm certain the goose bumps spread through us all. My hair was standing on end. We were refreshed and renewed. The ceremony had begun.

This is the first time the fire plate in between the two looming pyramids had been filled. The Mayan Tata's, proud of the fact that they are the first to perform the solstice ceremony all night, prepared the plate with ritual incense and candles. All could feel the ancestral forces around them. The sense of the warrior was strong.

Then, the horns sounded and the fire was lit. The Tata's addressed the four directions. Everyone knelt with reverence and kissed the earth.

The marimbas were played from this moment until dawn. The Tatas called to their ancestors. They asked for guidance and offered their solemn allegiance. The "Tribe of Nations" had piled bags of incense imitating the pyramid. They stood reverent until the Mayans asked for their offerings. Each stood at the plate with a bag of incense and praised life and the earth. So many members of the rainbow tribe came to the fire that the incense began to put the fire out. This could not happen. The Mayans stepped up and expressed their concerns. We then made offerings all night instead of all at once.

The full moon rose over the Temple of the Jaguar and set behind the Temple of the Moon. Tata Domingo told me that the sacred fires could heal the ozone, soften the coming earth changes and needed to be spread across the globe. A Mayan priestess gave offerings at the plate and one of the Masonic foundation members came to me and said in broken English, that he had maps from the Great White Brotherhood of what the world would look like after the catastrophe. This turned out to be the works of Gordan Michael Scallion from his theories on the planetary alignment of 5/5/2000. The Mayans told me that the next visitors to Tikal would be the fish.

I made sure to awake before sunrise. I have long wanted to see the effects of the rising sun on the pyramid. The sky was filled with mist. I scaled the pyramid looking for the sun. I was in awe. The sun did not show except for a golden glow in the fog. This too, was a bad omen to the Tatas. They said a group of humans would survive; those that found the mystery. The day of money is done. For the next twenty years the sun is set. For the sun this is not so bad but, for the inhabitants of earth, grief. The planet is going through purification. There will be a lesser catastrophe in 2009 followed by the greater catastrophe of 2012. Mother Earth and Father Sun have prepared a place for the Mayans in caves. The Mayan ancestors have prophesied the arrival of this "Tribe of Nations". We fulfilled that prophecy. The Tatas felt it was a mistake to not allow foreigners in the past. They did not allow the oneness of humanity. They want to change that. One people can do it well. All people can do it better.

The Mayans exist in a synchronistic realm. They were pleased and honored to find that others did, as well. It gave them hope. We have challenges to overcome. The unification of humanity into one heart is not only possible, it is inevitable. When pressed for some good news the Mayans said, "Patience, guidance will come."

Video Translation
00:02: Yes, the best form is "practice", because "theory" is different. "Theory" comes by the way of many books - there are some books that are confused...

00:12: There is a historian who says it this way... A historian of mythology, that is, of histories about... that is, very... appalling or grotesque things. That is, legends. He loved to write so many legends which were only imagination, and the books were good. They were sold (I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT HE SAYS HERE) by the millions. But the last line... there was a redacted line which says that he was the writer of the book, but he never had contact with the personages about whom he wrote.

00:55: Then that is something like I said to you "theory" is different from "practice". "Practice" is different from that when one has new contacts with the (DUNNO WHAT HE SAYS, I THINK "supernatural" ) or "the Grand".

01:09: One finds having a contact is a direct ritual, and then he can say: "Look, how is he? He's this, and this, and is like this."

01:18: But in the long run he said he never had contact (DUNNO WHAT HE SAYS, PASSING TRUCK OR ENGINE. THIS ONE IS DIFFICULT FOR ME TO TRANSLATE) ... and takes a long time to decipher though it's not different from night to morning, just living, eating, sleeping... and for certain people that will be a reality. Because for example the Mayans here - there are 22 ethnicities. That is the principal! But there is one that doesn't have more ethnic spin-offs.

01:49: Offscreen: "I understand. Each pueblo speaks a different language..."

01:51: Each pueblo speaks a different language.

01:53: Offscreen: "And your pueblo has three neighborhoods and each neighborhood speaks a different language."

01:57: Imagine that! And that is just one pueblo. But if we go to the departments, and if we go to the municipals, to the villages, to the farmhouses, to the farms... All that is very different. At that it cannot arrive.

02:15: Offscreen: "There are some things which you cannot share."
02:18: It cannot be shared. It cannot. For the most part it only is how to live in peace with the person who arrives to feel that is reality. There's no contrary case. They're "imaginings" or "inventions".

02:34: Offscreen: "Well, the people who imagine or invent these things and don't follow their own intuitions, they don't live their own (I THINK) dreams. They don't do what you say should be done. They say "You should do it this way" and they'll do the contrary. How do we trust them..."

02:54: It cannot be done.

02:56: Offscreen: "I know that happens a lot in life. They say 'ah you should live this way,' and they don't do it. Nobody does it."

03:03: That was the first error of religion. Religion came to place an order-

03:13: Offscreen: "A control."
03:15: A control.
03:16: Offscreen: "No liberation for nothing."
03:18: (I THINK HE SAYS) But that is an organization...
03:22: Offscreen: "That's the purpose of religion. It's to put the people-"
03:25: But the people always admire them, and the people say "We know this."
03:31: Offscreen: "Yes because they have beautiful dresses, big houses..."
03:34: That's what religion offers.
03:36: Offscreen: "There are many of the same insanity, don't you think?"
03:39: Offscreen: "Yes. They only follow the group."
03:41: The fame. The fame. The politics. Who think the majority is the best. But no, that is, the minority can have a lot more.


04:03: That is why I tell you that, really, it's difficult to find Guatemala's true reality, because the majority of the data is not apt to say the mysteries about her which are to survive. (IT'S DIFFICULT TO MAKE OUT WHAT HE SAYS TOWARDS THE END)

(I'm taking a break! To be continued!)

04:21: Maybe there will also be released - some - ...(COULDN'T MAKE THIS OUT) certain mysteries are enclosed of which only the Grand Shaman will understand and will disseminate...

04:31: Offscreen: "Is there someone in the country who everyone can say is strong, and is a great man, and who everyone respects, or is that too--"

04:46: Here in Guatemala there's none. But everyone wants to be great and everyone wants to be strong and at the same time they're weak. That's one of the errors that happened. What happened was unfortunately this practice of the ceremonies were very carefully - they were held zealously - and were only realized by someone who had much energy.

05:10: But after the persecution - that is, there was a war - a civil war. That civil war, they couldn't see who needed to pay, they searched for someone who owed... For the most part the spiritual guides (OR "spiritual leaders") - if they found them performing their ceremonies - needed to get out well (OR "quickly").

05:33: And like yesterday, how you placed those --
05:40: Offscreen: "Crystals" (OR "glass"?)
05:40: Those crystals there. And also, before, the grandfathers carried their own "kawa-weles" (PHONETIC GUESS, DUNNO WHAT THIS IS). Here we call them "Kawawi Jars"!

05:53: Each person carried one to - we say - "enter into their energetic charge."
06:00: Offscreen: "To amplify it."
06:02: Exactly. But they (THE GOVERNMENT??) arrived to scare them and they left them and that's why a lot of them disappeared. Later they wouldn't have taken them away, because that had mentally assassinated them.
06:16: And then the secret started there, so that nobody said they were a shaman. No!
06:29: If they were sitting here - "I'm not a shaman!" ... "I can't be a shaman!"
06:36: But after a peace treaty was signed... Ah, everybody: "I am a shaman! I am a shaman! I am a shaman!" Regardless if they were or not!
06:48: Offscreen: "What percentage has a lineage?" (I THINK THAT'S THE QUESTION)
06:54: Well... the truth is this: there is no percentage, if everything born in the territory of Guatemala has their own proper lineage. Because the calendar (I CAN'T MAKE OUT WHAT HE SAYS HERE) has 20 deities. And the 20 deities enclose all humanity.
07:18: No more deities exist than that!
07:32: There's only 20. And in those 20, appear the grand lineages.
07:46: Let's understand that there is the hierarchy.
07:50: For example, the number 1 is a low hierarchy. The number 13 is a superior hierarchy.
08:02: Who is born with a hierarchy of "13" doesn't require for me to teach them because all this they bring with them mentally.
08:10: And who is born with a hierarchy of "1" needs to learn.
08:16: Offscreen: "They need a good teacher"
08:17: Exactly.
08:17: Offscreen: "They need '13'."
08:19: They need 13. Exactly.

08:22: And for others, this exists - for our ancestors this existed - who was born with a "2" or "3", that is because they have been reincarnated for the first or second time.
08:37: But who's born '13' has had 13 reincarnations.
08:45: Offscreen: "There's no more than 13 incarnations?"
08:47: There's no more than 13.
08:48: Offscreen: "Oh it's my last turn." (I THINK THIS IS THE JOKE)
08:52: What is happening is we don't understand it. There can be more than 13. The problem is multiplying 13 by 20.
09:01: Offscreen: "And the one that is a 13, for example, can he sense that he's a 13? Does he know that in his body? And his mind? And his soul? And everything?"
09:09: It's felt. It's felt. It's felt.
09:12: Offscreen: "And one who is a 5, let's say..."
09:14: It's also felt.
09:16: Offscreen: "It's felt."
09:17: It's felt.
09:18: Offscreen: "And the others can also sense them?"
09:19: All of them! Each one feels it.
09:22: Offscreen: "But for example someone who's a '1' can see a '13' and know it's a '13' without a word?
09:29: He can't.
09:30: Offscreen: "Because he's a '1'."
09:33: Now who has a '1' and who has a '13' - for example who has a '1'? (I THINK HE SAYS) He only is a little naughty. But who has '13'? Is 13 times naughtier!
09:49: It's there where the secrets are seen.

10:02: All that is... (I DUNNO WHAT HE SAYS)


10:30: Offscreen: "A friend bid me to ask you a question. He gave me a lot of obligation to want to ask you."
10:42: With pleasure! Give the order.
10:44: Offscreen: "What he wanted me to ask was 'what did you see in the fire'?"
10:48: Ah what I saw in the fire...
10:51: That is so important, but more importantly I could've told you there. Because after the ceremonies in which all of you participated, all of you also saw it.
11:02: Offscreen: "Yes. Each person saw something."
11:03: Exactly. Each person saw something with a message. Now, the toughest and saddest part is how to decipher those kinds of messages.
11:13: Well the truth is you had many, many messages. Why? Because the truth is it's a tough ceremony.
11:23: It's a ceremony that all of you may have never seen even if you traveled with other spiritual leaders.
11:30: That for the first time the plate of the grandfathers was filled (I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE SAYS HERE)
11:34: On how food filled the plate here.
11:38: Not all of us are able to fill a ceremonial plate like that.


11:55: Offscreen: "It took me 11 days for me to feel better."

12:04: Offscreen: "And this time it was much stronger. It's time to introduce ourselves. It's your turn brother..."


Minutes 13:28 - 20:51

13:28: Offscreen: "Then..."
13:34: Offscreen: "What were the messages to us which you received?"
13:39: Okay. The first important message we received was the sun was sad.
13:48: Because there could be many happenings which could occur here 20 years ahead.
14:01: The sun can last much longer, because it has more life, but we are the ones that do not have much more life.
14:13: That is one message.


15:02: The second message is hard for the Mayan community.
15:07: Because the majority of the Grandfathers (OR "Elders", REALLY) who received the message, and have informed us, felt sad, because the majority of the Guatemalan people who were originally Mayans do not think of us.


16:00: Another message was the Elders said they were lamentably sad because here in the territory of (HE'S SPECIFIC BUT I CAN'T MAKE OUT THE NAME) many leaders are acting like they're leaders, but that is not the way to work.


16:42: The other message was they felt excited, yet, they have not received (or ACCOMPLISHED) the majority of the work.

16:56: They also said that Guatemala is really backwards (OR behind), we're really behind, because really soon they will arrive at hard realizations, and we won't be able to defend ourselves against ignorance.


17:49: The other message spoke about nature, of Mother Earth. The earth will support a great collapse, but survival is not possible. The human world has transgressed the limit. Much avarice. Much filth (I THINK). Much destruction. There are no forests. There are no trees. There is nothing to purify the life of human beings. Many vehicles, but after a long time, there's no space for the proper circulation of vehicles.


18:49: The other message left this very clear, and I hope all you profoundly grasp this too, because you are within that. The Grand Sun, the Grandfather Sun, said, really, "There arrived certain messengers here in Guatemala. The only problem is they're not permitted to unfold, and do what they need to finish here."


19:53: The other message arrived and also let us recognize, maybe, that everyone saw it or nobody did. A message from a strange (OR foreign) device not seen here in Guatemala, that right now is taking care of closing the holes in the O-Zone, which are opening more and more. But they confide in us that our smoke is capable of closing those O-Zone holes. But how are we going to do it? Because, really, there are many spiritual leaders but they burn very little, and it requires a lot more smoke (??) to close the holes in the O-Zone.

20:49: Offscreen: "The smoke of the ceremony..."
20:51: The smoke of the ceremony is able to close the O-Zone holes.

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