What Can I Do To Help? – Dr. Joe Marshalla

What Can I Do To Help? – Dr. Joe Marshalla

What Can I Do To Help? – Dr. Joe Marshalla

There will never be another you. What function do you serve? Can you be for something without being against something? What levels of mind control do we impose on ourselves. With all the limiting thoughts that we have, it's a wonder that we get anything done! The path to seeking your authentic self is allowing yourself to change. With the loss of our daydreams we drift reacting to the traumas of the day and in this neurotic state, we do not perform our function as stewards of this planet, uplifting and nurturing all life.

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Dr. Joe Marshalla is a true public servant that has spent his entire life assisting one cause or another. From starting the first public school recycling program in Illinois at age 11, to saving whales, rainforests, and old growth forests, to closing a nuclear power plant, starting food co-ops and stopping water fluoridation in multiple cities, as well as other social concerns, he has dedicated his life to promoting sustainable practices, and to protecting people and the environment. His social movement skills came to international attention from being one of the founders of, and the campaign director for, the SHAKA Movement.

Joe Marshalla Ph.D. is a leading expert on the development of human personality and its perception of reality. Beyond the scope of his psychological, philosophical and integrative health expertise, he is also an expert project coordinator with over thirty years of experience in educational event planning, video production, music production, concert production/promotion, business consulting, corporate training, publishing, marketing, course creation and television production. He is also a performing artist, teacher and lecturer with over 1800 performances, lectures, seminars and presentations to his credit, and he is best known for his bestselling book, Repeatlessness – An Owner’s Manual for the Human Mind, which was recently chosen as one of the “Top Five Books in the world to help change your perception of reality” by Spirit Science.

Dr. Marshalla is featured in over 20 documentary films and lectures. His teachings have been viewed by over 20 million people worldwide and he is recognized as one of the visionary consciousness leaders of our time. Dr. Joe is a living example of what one person can do while in the service of others, and he continues to live his life finding and implementing inner and outer environmental solutions for all of humanity

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