Twin Tower Demolition – WTC Architect and Bin Laden

Twin Tower Demolition – WTC Architect and Bin Laden

9/11 Truth
Was Thermite used in the Twin Tower Demolition? WTC architect, Paul Laffoley, speaks out on the Bin Laden's involvement with the Twin Tower's construction. Was Yamasaki using the Bin Laden Construction Company to build Tower 1 and Tower 2? Paul Laffoley is a visionary designing Time Machines and devices with Magical intent. Will we ever know the truth about 9/11?

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the Freeman Perspective with Paul Laffoley

Dimensions of Laffoley - An afternoon chat with visionary, Paul Laffoley on Alchemy, Elvis Resurrected, RAEL, and his amazing creations like the Levogyre “I felt the Levogyre to be a proto-time machine and developed the concept of The Time Machine based on a method of controlling and amplifying pre and retro cognition [pre-perception of the future and retro-perception of the past]” – Radio Freeman 08-21-2007 Learn more about this great visionary -- PaulLaffoley.Net

Following studies at Harvard University and Brown University with honors in the Classics, Philosophy and Architecture, Laffoley came to New York in 1962. He began as a studio assistant to the visionary Frederick Kiesler, and was recruited for late night TV viewing by Andy Warhol. Following a dismissal by Kiesler, Laffoley worked for 18 months on design for the World Trade Center Towers (floors 15 to 45) with Emery Roth & Sons under the direction of architect Minoru Yamasaki. Following his suggestion that bridges be constructed between the two towers for safety, he was summarily fired by Yamasaki.

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