A Time Travel Christmas

A Time Travel Christmas

A Time Travel Christmas

Let's flash back to the future!

Twin Tower architect, Paul Laffoley, talks with Freeman about demolition charges in the buildings, Bin Laden's construction company, Kabbalism, Conceptual Deviance, and Utopian Living.
[Original Air-Date November 08, 2007]

Time Travel and the Elite. Did Michael Jackson time travel back to Akhenaten’s Egypt? What will the “Great Time War” be like? Dr. David Lewis Anderson of the Anderson Institute on the benefits and perils of Time Travel and Time Control Technologies.
[Original Air-Date May 01, 2010]

Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus, The meaning of 9/11, Kenneth Grant, magick and Steven Spielberg social programming, dream control for contact with extraterrestrials. Michael Aquino bringing Satan back to Satanism in the Temple of Set.
[Original Air-Date February 24, 2010]

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