The Super Bowl – Grammy Ritual Spectacular!

The Super Bowl – Grammy Ritual Spectacular!

The Super Bowl – Grammy Ritual Spectacular!

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How I Predicted the Cat-like Beast

Katy-Perry-Super-Bowl-Tattoo After the halftime show, Katy Perry added to her collection of ink with a tattoo in memory of Super Bowl XLIX. She posted Instagram pictures of the process and the final product and you can see a Hello Kitty tattoo on the finger next to it. She captioned a picture of her ink session with “I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight.” The lipstick she wore was a Cover Girl shade called “Seduce Scarlett”. Let’s brush up on the O.T.O. and then I will tell you why I said Katy would be riding a “great cat-like beast.” When we talk about the “Illuminati”, let’s narrow it down. Adam Weishaupt was a saint according to the O.T.O. which is a secret society dedicated to channeling extra-terrestrial gods through sexual energy to usher in archetypal aeons, or gods, and inter-dimensional beings. It is the invocation of various deities through intense mental imagery while engaging in intercourse. Katy Perry’s song, E.T., is a great representation of this and this also explains the many alien invasion stories we saw in the super bowl commercials.


Here is what I wrote about Beyoncé this summer and even put a picture in the article of her riding a giant black cat to illustrate the point:

“Isis sometimes appears in the form of a lion or a cat headed deity. On Beyoncé’s album “B-Day” she sings a song called Kitty Kat. Along with the obvious Monarch Beta programming symbolism, could there also be aspects of the Scartlet Woman? O.T.O. members Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard were doing their Babalon working to incarnate the goddess on this plane. During one ceremony where Hubbard was “scrying in the Aethyr” while Parsons took notes, he described a vision he had of a savage and beautiful woman riding naked on a great cat-like beast. You can read the full story in W.S. #2. The lion represents the solar fiery heat of the sexual energy combined with the female image. A type of the Sphinx is thus formed, and in Thelema it represents the formula of love under will. The Sphinx is Bast or Pasht, sacred to that sexual passion which, magically controlled, expresses the Law of Thelema.”

lustaMy series of articles about Beyoncé on feature Thelema and O.T.O. doctrine and mind control symbolism. I knew if they wanted the Scarlet Woman theme to continue she would have to be riding the beast. The Whore of Babylon is a goddess of Thelema and the O.T.O. Usually, she is depicted on a creature, a scarlet colored beast, with seven heads and ten horns. This is from the book of Revelation and would have been way too obvious, but they did show it in detail in the movie Metropolis. In Crowley’s version of the Tarot, called the Thoth deck, the eleventh card is called Lust and depicts the goddess, Babalon, naked, riding a great lion-like beast with many faces. This Trump is assigned to the sign of Leo in the Zodiac, the element of fire, and is ruled by the Sun. There is in this card a divine drunkenness or ecstasy. The woman is shown as more than a little drunk, and more than a little crazy; and the lion is also aflame with lust. She is holding the reigns, just as Katy Perry did. The beast tramples on the heads of Christians and praying hands. She raises up the flaming grail of Love and Death for the serpents of the aether to feast on. The “wine” in the cup is the blood of the saints. “Glory unto the Scarlet Woman, Babylon the Mother of Abominations, that rideth upon the Beast, for she hath spilt their blood in every corner of the earth, and lo! She hath mingled it in the cup of her whoredom.”1 The doctrine of this card is the Thelemic Mystery of Perfection which is attained through experience of all possible imperfection.

Great-Sphinx-of-Giza-EgyptKaty Perry was riding a lion, even though the song says “I got the eye of the tiger” so what’s up with that? This is because of how lions relate to Satanism. Anton LaVey kept a pet lion called Togare, partly because he was in the circus and because of what lions represent. Satanists believe in the survival of the fittest, and the lion is the kind of the jungle. It is also a representation of a solar deity, where his mane represents the rays of the sun. According to Crowley, the Four/Five Powers of the Sphinx are the means by which Man becomes God. It is for this reason that Crowley refers to the Sphinx as “the True Symbol of this our Holy Art of Magick under the Law of Thelema”. Here is the story of the Sphinx, as told by Illuminati Satanists, in two books called Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers and Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High Adept Satanism by Kerth Barker aka Kathy. You can find the books available for download here. I do an in-depth book report of these books in the members section of In the book, Kerth meet these two weird sisters who are lovers and bloodline Illuminati Satanists. They kept an Egyptian temple in their basement, a secret occult library, and naked slave girls. They were punished by their Satanic Committee for not producing income and forced to move to New York and get jobs at the United Nations think tank division. They believed that the understanding of the Sphinx was essential to attaining worldly power, and they related this to cannibalism. They actually ate human meat that they harvested from slave_of_the_Cannibal_Godkidnapped migrant farm workers. The sphinxes in their basement temple had the sister’s own faces on them. They told Kerth that according to Satanic lore, the Sphinx in Egypt was at last 50,000 years old. Originally, it had a lion’s head, because at that time, especially in Africa and Mesopotamia, lions were higher on the food chain than humans. Keep in mind, 50,000 years ago was a long time in human development and non-technologically advanced humans would have been easy prey for a pride of lions, especially in the dark, and this is where the fire worship comes into play. The royalty realized that if they were to be like gods, they had to eat people as lions once had, so they began to eat peasants because whoever is highest on the food chain rules. After time, they changed the lions head of the sphinx to a pharaoh's head as a symbol of aristocratic cannibalism.


1. The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley

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