The Masters of the Matrix – Magenta Pixie

The Masters of the Matrix – Magenta Pixie

The Masters of the Matrix – Magenta Pixie

"Our guest Star luminary, Petra Magenta Pixie of the U.K. is a way-shower and a channel for the teachings of "The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine". Launching her first book, "The Masters of the Matrix", we explore the Evolution of humanity as a collective, the realm of the psychic mind, ethereal planes of existence, hypnosis, inter-dimensional beings, as well as the third eye as a hyper-dimensional gateway for expanded consciousness & astral travel. The second hour coalesces lifetimes of learning and talents, to bring you the rarely known, ancient soul knowledge of Immortality, through comparing the dichotomous paths of Transhumanism vs Enlightenment. Two master teachers, and visionaries converge, coalescing Kosmic Konsciousness at the Womb of the Kosmic Kore."

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They say "Science has the answers and spirituality & religion have the tools."
Although they present as white, winged beings they are in fact so much more and each and every one of us have the ability to tap into the Divine Cosmic energy they exist within.
"They" are Extra-Terrestrial yet they have aspects of themselves here on Earth. They are "us" from our future and are fluid, able to travel at will in and out of realities and dimensions. "They" are our DNA and completely match the cosmos.

Unusual, esoteric and supernatural events occurred throughout the ten years of Pixie’s marriage such as out of body experiences, having visions, hearing voices, seeing people & beings & knowing things before they happened. Pixie had no understanding of these experiences that were happening to her and she was at many times confused and afraid. It always seemed to Pixie like there was something watching her & looking after her however as somehow she seemed to recover from fearful situations quickly and learn from them. Her Father at that time was practising hypnotherapy and was a great help & support to Pixie at that point in her life.

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