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Radio Appearances

Freeman's Latest Radio Appearances

Freeman on Ground Zero w/ Clyde Lewis June 8,2012 - Zombie Apocalypse

Jack Blood "Frontline Texas" with Mack White and Freeman

9/11: Myth vs Reality 2-23-12

Vinny Eastwood Show Jan 23 2012

COTO Report This Ain't Oz an Interview with Freeman

June 25th - Future Theater

May 24th - The Corbett Report

May 23rd - Texas UFO Radio

May 10th - Deadline Live

John McGowan Presents Freeman on the Giffords/Judge Roll Shooting

Oct. 14 - UFO's Over NY : Psy-Op or Prophecy w/ Freeman & Jim Marrs

Oct. 14 - (Hour 1) - ET Reality w/ Dr. Deagle & Freeman

10/13 War of Worlds - Deadline Live w/ Jack Blood

Freeman on The Jungle Apocalypse

10/10/10 Jungle Apocalypse

Freeman on Contact Has Begun w/ James Gilliland

Sept. 28th Freeman on Holland's Argusoog Radio

Sept. 18th Freeman and God Like Productions

Aug 29th Truth Frequency w/ Freeman & Max

Space War, the Norway Spiral, CARE, CERN, HAARP & EISCAT Playlist

Red-Ice Creations with Freeman

August 8th, 2009 Obama, Cloning & The Coming Space War
February 2nd, 2007 Occult Movie Symbolism

Jack Blood, Alfred Webre, Andrew Sexton, Chris Everard, & Freeman

July 24th Freeman, Michael Jackson & Time Travel

July 8th Freeman on The Corbett Report

July 6 Freeman with Dr. Deagle

July 1 Freeman's 4th of July Prediction

Freeman and Jay Weidner join forces on The Intel Hub

Oct 31/08 Global Reality Obama Moloch & Rush

Oct 24/08 Global Reality Freeman Pythagoras

Obama Cloning Confirmed

Freeman and Dr. Deagle Playlist

June 4th The Jungle Apocalypse

June 1st Night Watch Radio

May 18th Cryptic Knowledge Radio

May 18th Night Watch Radio

May 13th Truth Frequency

May 5th Tir na Saor Radio

Jack Blood, Freeman, Bruce Gagnon & Space War

Time Travel, Cloning, and the Elite [1/6]:


April 30th Esoteric Origins

April 21st The American Voice

April 13th The Gold Ring

Gold Ring Video Part 1

Gold Ring Video Part 2

April 10th Time Out "Logos"

April 9th Time Out "Moon & Mars"

April 6th Nutrimedical Report

March 27th Truth Be Told Radio

March 4th Star Theory

March 11th Dr. Deagle

Feb. 1st Nutrimedical Report

Jan. 25th Nutrimedical Report

Freeman on Paranormal Response Team

Jan 8th Deadline Live

Jan 6th Nutrimedical Report - Avatar

Dec 30th Nutrimedical Report

Oct. 5th Occult Science Radio

Oct. 8th UnZipping Reality

Oct 3rd After Dark

Warrior Society Radio

The Extreme Society

Time Out: Freeman, Obama, the Moon and Mars


Sept. 11th Nutrimedical Report

9/9/09 Deadline Live

Freeman on Truth Quest with Melodee

Aug. 24th Dr.s Confirm the Cloning

The American Voice

Aug. 13th Red Ice Creations

July 17th Mystic Politics

May 15th Deadline Live

June 26th Deadline Live

Freeman on The Edge

Freeman on The Edge AM March 28th, 2009

Paranormal Response Team
Sara and Kristi discuss aliens and UFOs with special guest Freeman. Ever wondered if Freeman has been abducted by aliens? Find out now! On his way to meet the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Freeman has a massive V-shaped craft fly over his car.

June 1st Deadline Live

10/13 Ground Zero Video

Aug. 9th Intel Strike Report
Freeman speaks with Doug Owen and Michael Vail on IntelStrike Report about his unusual upbringing and the magic of the Founding Fathers, the lie of elections, magical control through language, Kabbalah and our Presidents, CERN, 666, LHC Grid, ALICE and ATLAS, War and solar flares, Anti-Universe, Mind-Transfer Technology, Blue Beam, Satanists and NASA, ancient civilizations, Freemasonry, 10/13 prediction - which came true the following year.

July 16th Alex Jones

July 25th Alex Jones

The Red-Ice Interviews 2006-2010