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FreemanTV Flash DriveHidden Knowledge of the Bible, Obama's Occult Meaning, Secret Societies and Symbolism, Trauma-Based Mind Control, Creating Culture, Ritual Sacrifice, Freemasonry and the Esoteric Arts, Occult Nature of High Technology, Free Energy, Nazi Atomic Technology, Geo-Engineering and Weather Modification, Mk-Ultra, History of the Khazarian Jews, Chemtrail Illness, HAARP, Time Travel, ET and Religion, the Nephilim, Human Cloning, Reptilians, Shape-Shifting Djinn, Ancient Egypt's Secrets, Extraterrestrial Philosophy, Fallen Angels, Transfer of the Soul, The Alien Agenda, The Friendship Agenda, How to Live Without Money, Synchronicity and Living From the Heart

Guests Include: David Icke, Stan Deyo, Clyde Lewis, Richard Dolan, James Gilliland, Dan Fogler, Jay Weidner, Randy Powell, Frater X, Dr. Joye Pugh, Dr. John Coleman, Janet and Stewart Swerdlow, Henrik Palmgren, Sir James Wright, Mike Murphy, Max Igan, Bob Dean, Jim Marrs, Jesse Marcell Jr., John Lear, Rex Diabolus Church, Alex Jones, Scott Stevens, Dr. Arthur Earl Jones, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Isaac Bonewitz, Mel Fabergas, LA Marzulli, Mark Passio, Rosalind Peterson, Rick Simpson, Gaylon Ross, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Dr. David Lewis Anderson, Texe Marrs

Weird Videos

Weird Videos

Freeman follows the strangeness of Hollywood and here you will find the strangest videos Freeman has seen on the net. Ever see the Pope with strippers? You will here! How about Britney Spears talking about time-travel or Dan Aykroyd and his Men in Black experience? Yes, you can see that and much more! Want to know where Obama is really from? That's right, it's all here. Or maybe, you'd like to see Freeman turn into a reptile. What a world!

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