Stewart Swerdlow – False Flag Alien Invasion

Stewart Swerdlow – False Flag Alien Invasion

Stewart Swerdlow – False Flag Alien Invasion


How much of our history is obscured. When will there be a False Flag Alien Invasion? What would change if we knew the events from our ancient past?
Stewart Swerdlow joins us for a discussion of Hyper Space Help for Extraterrestrial Mind Control. Check out the many wonderful things at
My personal story seems to correlate with Stewart's life that I hope to pick the brain of someone that has recall of abductions, UFO encounters, Monarch Mind Control, bloodline and secret society connections. Our experience presents a world colored with varied alien races interacting with Earth now and at the creation of civilization on this planet.
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CERN Stewart SwerdlowWhen will there be a False Flag Alien Invasion? Are you a mind control slave? Are you allowing an extraterrestrial current to enter your body? Stewart Swerdlow can help you in hyper space! Listen to Hour 2


Sirians, Alpha Draconians, Pleidians, even the Orion Confederation rises to the surface of our consciousness through genetic memory. How does the technology of today assist destructive ET forces? CERN was supposed to launch this weekend but, was delayed by a short circuit. It seems there may be extraterrestrial influences to CERN's many setbacks.
We will learn of the False Flag Alien Invasion - The Invasion was an Inside Job! How do we battle Extraterrestrial Mind Control and a growing Transhumanist Threat. Will we remain slaves to unknown masters or find our soul purpose and effect the Electromagnetic Spectrum to liberate life all over the Universe? The choice is within.

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My first show with Stewart Oct. 11, 2007 on the Freeman Perspective

At 10, I drew a picture showing exopolitical connections of Sirius and Alpha Draconis.
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