Signs of Spiritual Attack – Eve Lorgen

Signs of Spiritual Attack – Eve Lorgen

Signs of Spiritual Attack – Eve Lorgen

The Swiss Hermes, Paracelsus von Hohenheim (1490-1541) once said,
"I got into Meditation because I was inhibited. Turns out I was inhabited!"

The premier show of "The Kosmic Kore" welcomes authoress and counselor Evie Lorgen. The books, "The Dark Side of Cupid" and "The Alien Love Bite" are ground breaking, with innovations, discoveries and personal accounts of spiritual warfare. Join Occult Priestess as Evie Lorgen takes us on a journey of unflinching truth seeking, mystic wisdom and the ultimate truths about the dark side of our consensual reality and spiritual attack.

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Eve Lorgen, authoress of "The Alien Love Bite", and "The Dark Side of Cupid" is a luminary in a dark world. While graduating with her masters in psychology, and a degree in biology, Evie was also starting to counsel those who had experienced alien interference. She is now an authoress, researcher and consultant of anomalous trauma. Offering hypnotherapy, coaching and telephone consulting. Evie is also very active in the on-line communities and has many mind blowing interviews under her belt, she was also Freeman's first in studio guest.

In this two hours of intense discussion, Evie reveals the tricks of the trade, of the dark side. The sparks fly as two Aquarian ladies, who have been hard at work as spiritual counselors, as well as fighting the constricting negativity of being a targeted individual, connect the dots. By the end of the show you will be educated on paranormal & anomalous trauma and how it ties in with mood disorders, addictions, abuse, gas lighting, the love bite, the importance of meditation and knowing thyself, as well as tools for personal strength and healing.

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kosmic-kore-bioOccult Priestess is a life long seeker of knowledge, driven by intuitive gifts and terrorizing sleep paralysis. Coming from a twenty-five year career as a professional psychic counselor, and a life of spiritual evolution, within her are humanities deepest truths.  Crossing over into media, the "occult" shall be revealed to you, with a priestess, and luminary guests. The Kosmic Kore unveils the mysteries; and approaches high strangeness from a compassionate, educational viewpoint.

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