Satanic Ritual Abuse – A Victim’s Tale

Satanic Ritual Abuse – A Victim’s Tale

Satanic Ritual Abuse – A Victim’s Tale


Trauma-based mind control is very real. MKULTRA and Monarch programming happened. Let the victims speak out. Having experienced over twenty years as a professional psychic, Korinne Wilson seems to be privy to knowledge beyond being a good counselor. She developed knowledge to heal, guide and love. She is convinced that the doctors of tomorrow may be the “psychic” gurus of today.
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Sandy needed to speak out. After all the abuse she has suffered, people refused to believe. It is her hope that by coming forward more will find the conviction to address Satanic Ritual Abuse. Sandy has no website nor does she seek fame. It is her spiritual conviction that makes her want to help other victims by sharing her story.

[In related news] "A boy was found with his heart ripped out in a suspected ‘ritual’ killing. Police are assuring the community that there doesn’t appear to be any reason to be worried about their own children’s safety in the town." Read More

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