Release the Stars!

Release the Stars!

Release the Stars!

Thoughts Not Your Own 1

How do we free ourselves when our thoughts are not our own? We are all Victims of Mind Control. Media propaganda has skewed our sense of self and overwritten our natural inclinations.

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Neil Sanders Slider 2Neil Sanders exposes the evidence for officially sanctioned mind control programs. Sanders has degrees in psychology, film and media studies and is a qualified hypnotherapist. He’s spent years analyzing declassified documents, confessions from doctors and testimony from victims.

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Release the Stars Manifesto

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Release Stars

Release the Stars:

A support group for victims of trauma based mind control, satanic ritual abuse and post-traumatic stress.



  1. Acknowledgement: We agree that there is a global underground network of dark occultists who use various methods of trauma to create compartmentalized mind controlled slaves. Key people in government, business, religion, education systems, the medical profession, the military, professional sports, the media and Hollywood are under mind control and are also the perpetrators of it. Every person on the planet has become a slave by proxy through this system. Through the entertainment industry, the trauma is spread to the masses and it is at this point where we focus our attention.


  1. Communication: We realize that this is a cult of secrecy and disbelief so we will attempt to spread the word. In our culture, celebrities have the largest following and social influence. We encourage high profile (and all other) whistle blowers and recovering victims to come forward with their stories. We offer a knowledgeable and safe community where the information will be shared for the largest impact. We believe that by helping to “release the stars” of their mind control that it will be easier for other low profile victims to follow. By highlighting the evidence of mind control in the media face to face, and through independent media, we may be able to provide the public with the keys of knowledge to decode the agenda for themselves.


  1. Forgiveness & Recovery: We offer friendship, solutions and various methods of therapy for all victims of trauma-based mind control, satanic ritual abuse and post-traumatic stress. We acknowledge that the perpetrators of the mind control were themselves conditioned to be that way. We offer our forgiveness and reconciliation. There will be no witch hunts. We have a network of survivors ready and willing to share their stories and methods of recovery.

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