The Transhumanist Agenda is upon us. Will you upgrade? Follow the history of Human Cloning, Robotics, Mind-Transfer Technology, the Illuminati, the Vatican and Extraterrestrials.

ATLAS robotIf science fiction has anything to say about it, DARPA’s new 330-pound, six-foot two-inch tall Atlas robot will be more than a sophisticated human-sized bipedal rescue robot created by Boston Dynamics. We are seeing the future of Terminator Salvation crossed with Battlestar Galactica. Frak the gods!
Roboy and the Laws of Robotics - The most important reason for Asimov’s Laws not being applied yet is how robots are being used in our real world. You don’t arm a Reaper drone with a Hellfire missile or put a machine gun on a MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System) not to cause humans to come to harm. That is the very point!
The very first (admitted) group of genetically modified babies have been "created" in the United States. The scientists involved reportedly announced the result on the night of June 27th, stating that 30 babies were born using genetic modification techniques. Furthermore, 2 of the babies tested were found to contain genes from a total of 3 different parents. The experiment also lasted over 3 years.

House 2011 Special Session - House Amendment proposed an explicit ban on human cloning, human embryonic stem cell experiments, etc., (HA 1 to HCS SS SCS SB 7). MCC urged a YES vote.

Russian and Korean Researchers Will Inject Mammoth DNA into Elephant Eggs, Resurrecting 10,000-Year-Old Beast.

Future Of Zoos: Cloned Animals, Robots and Cageless Habitats Under Consideration.

How will human culture change in the next millennium as a result of conscious evolution?
Will we feel it proper to cater to our earth so that beauty supplants blind ambition? Will our technological advancements be turned to providing free time for the inhabitants of earth? Can everyone participate in a giving and receiving interaction that perpetuates an exchange of information that would become everyone's new work, our new economic orientation?

We'd be paid by the people we touched. Our gifts should go to the people who have brought us spiritual truth. When people come into our lives at just the right moment to give us the answers we need, we should give them money. This is how we start to supplement our incomes and ease ourselves out of the current limiting system.
As more people engage in this spiritual economy we will begin a real shift into a culture that provides the beauty and potential to lift mankind's economic orientation.
As we discover the energy dynamics of the universe, principles come forth to support that giving creates receiving. This knowledge will create a critical mass that will push this evolution which will be a dramatic movement of individuals from one occupation to another.
Creating the power for others through giving will open those souls to fulfill their potential and direct the course of reality to heights of intuition that raises everyone's abilities accelerating the pace of our evolution to that divine place we all hold in our hearts.

The lie of limitation creates the very lack that keeps people in scarcity. Our minds must become aware of our infinite nature. As we push against the unwanted we add to what we are resisting.
We have been conditioned to limiting thoughts. We are trapped by our own conscious manifestation of scarcity that has been programmed into our view of the universe. To break free, we must realize our infinite potential and live the dreams we contain through doubt.
The world is being directed to change. It is our time to be that change. No longer should we concern ourselves with what we don't want. It's time to turn our attention toward what is beautiful and vital. In seeking our enemy we become our enemy, forgetting the true purpose of our existence. It is our reason to be that must be evolved. It is you, uplifting others around you that will ignite the evolution.

Transhumanist Agenda Stargate SG1 premiered in 1996 yet, the SGC team appear to be the Obama administration. Brought to you by the United States Space Command.

Past CERN News

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Return of the Nephilim

Meanwhile in Australia, a strange droid eye opens up over Exmouth on January 22nd...After my own radio turbulence, I predicted an event for Boeing's VLF on
The Free Zone January 9th
Australia's most sensitive Defence communication facilities

Jan. 8th Freeman and Jack Blood
Jan. 25 Freeman and Dr. Deagle
Feb. 1 Freeman and Dr. Deagle

Space War News

This just in: Mysterious Spiraling Blue Beam Over Norway
Spiral Blue Beam

I know this looks Photoshopped so, have a look at the video.
or see the coverage on

Could this be a "Cloud of CARE" spiraling out of control? It seems so.

UFO-like lights over Norway 'not linked' to failed Russian missile
Or, you can believe what the Christian Science Monitor is suggesting, "space aliens have infiltrated the Noble Peace Prize committee and are big fans of the president."
I wonder what the Jesuit Vatican Astronomer Rev. Funes would have to say.

This just in Vatican-CERN exchange. I'm staggered. Really, I added Rev. Funes to the discussion just for kicks!

I'm surprised that I have not heard Planet X suggested as a possible cause for this phenomenon (I stand corrected) or Atmospheric Beasts.
So far, people are suggesting that CERN is opening a portal like
Rex Church of the Church of Satan but, the colliders, Atlas and Alice are not scheduled to be up to full power until this spring, however, they did reach World-Record levels the night before the spiral.

There is mention of "Dark Matter" being found by the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment this December 18th; just something else to worry about along with stranglets and rogue black holes.

Some are suggesting a Norwegian HAARP is the cause. HAARP can create bullseyes in the sky and there is an ionospheric heater at the Ramfjordmoen facility near Tromsø, Norway called EISCAT. Amazingly, this antennae array is exactly where the blue beam points. The blue beam, says Dr. Dimpfl, is aluminum oxide, "the chemical formula for sapphires, so what you're looking at is sunlight scattering off lots of tiny sapphires."
HAARP Space War
Let's not forget the 2006 "Spiral Wormhole" in Tomsk Russia
or this "Spiral Wormhole" in China or in California

On 9/19/09, everyone thought the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment was a UFO.
Listen to The Free Zone 9/19/09

Soon after the Cloud of CARE, came the Russian Ring Cloud appearing on October 9th
Listen to Radio Freeman 10/13/09

The question becomes, why are the military of the world launching aluminum oxide clouds into the upper atmosphere? Is it to open a portal?
As usual, the news service was ever so helpful. I hope this statement is dripping with as much sarcasm as these reports from MSNBC and CBS.
I must say that I do not think this is "War of the Worlds" nor Project Blue Beam. When you have seen a large V-shaped craft, you will know the extent that Blue Beam will offer.

What about this giant pyramid hanging over Moscow the same night as the mysterious spiral? Is this an HD projection like they used in Atlantis, Dubai?

Another CloudThis is not a different view of the Norway spiral light; it was taken in Russia over a day later. It looks like the Russians are testing more rockets, and creating more lights in the sky. This picture is clearly of another Russian missile test.
This new one is a Topol missile, the land-based version of the Bulava.

According to space historian, NBC News consultant, and space folklore specialist James Oberg:
It was launched from the "Kapustin Yar" missile range on the lower Volga, an old test range that goes back to the late 1940s. The missile impacted in the Sary Shagan military reservation in eastern Kazakhstan. [...] Since the flight path was completely internal, no navigation warnings were issued.
[report from Bad Astronomy]

Is there a HAARP facility near there? Absolutely, located near the small town of Vasilsursk, there is the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility which some say was "behind the fury of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans."

This is an excerpt from the Freeman Perspective with William Henry which aired January 4th 2007. Watch as William Henry and I discuss CERN and possible connections to technology from ancient Atlantis.

666 The Number of the Beast

If we calculate the number of the beast we find many interesting connections to the corporate world. Consider that if you transliterate the numbers 666 into English you get FOX. This is how this works: F is the 6th letter in the alphabet, O is the 15th, and X is the 24th, the final computation is 6, 1+5=6, and 2+4=6. So, we have 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight (referring to Lucifer) and Fox Mulder. It has been shown that Fox and Scully's characters can be equated with the story of Osiris and Isis. Looking into numerology in the X-Files we find that Chris Carter's production company is ten-thirteen. This is the infamous Friday the 13th when the Templars were burnt at the stake. Chris Carter showed us the entire "truth" about 9/11 in the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen", a spin-off from the X-Files and this psi-op show is used to discredit anything "out of the ordinary".

Let go a little deeper. The type of magic that is being practiced by our leaders is Kabalah. This is based in Hebrew. Therefore, in Hebrew 666 would look like VVV because 6=V in Hebrew. The VW logo incorporates the VVV in its logo with 2 V's interlaced making a third, equaling 666. The 2 V's symbolize the number of the Qlippoth; of the "Dark Side". See our president "VV" as he stands in front of the Woodrow Wilson Center For Science with the interlaced VV's. That's a lot of Beasts!

Our corporate logos can be classified within Masonic ritual and therefore within the Kabalah. Freemasonry is Kabalism. So, when you see a pentagram on Texaco and a shell on Shell you can know these are symbols of Venus. Venus is Lucifer.

Go a step further and you see Phillips 66 (VV) and we're back to the "Dark Side" which is also defined as excrement. Excrement, "W"? That fits. He is the grandson of the Beast 666.

You might also notice that Phillip's 66 crest has 6 points and we're back to the Number of the Beast.
Could this be real?
Let's try another. Conoco, hmmm? Hebrew does not use vowels so we'll pull the O's to the side for a second.

Now, we have CNC. In Hebrew C = 20 and N = 50 therefore CNC = 90. The mysticism of the Kabalah is
encoded in the Tarot. In the Tarot the number 90 is equal to the Star and were back to the pentagram.
Now for the O's. In modern Hebrew V,O, and U are considered the same.
Therefore, Conoco's logo can be transliterated into the Pentagram and the Number of the Beast, 666.

Now let's look at CERN's logo. What do you see?
666 coupled with a Stargate to another dimension?
In case you're not sure of their intentions, check out the statue in front of CERN

Skull and Bones is what I see.
Should we be conCERNed about "Red-Button" Day? "The Grid" has many capabilities that are not discussed by Faux News. Here's what they say: The latest spin-off from CERN, the particle physics centre that created the web, the grid could also provide the kind of power needed to transmit holographic images; allow instant online gaming with hundreds of thousands of players; and offer high-definition video telephony for the price of a local call.
David Britton, professor of physics at Glasgow University and a leading figure in the grid project, believes grid technologies could "revolutionise" society. "With this kind of computing power, future generations will have the ability to collaborate and communicate in ways older people like me cannot even imagine," he said.
The power of the grid will become apparent this summer after what scientists at CERN have termed their "red button" day - the switching-on of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the new particle accelerator built to probe the origin of the universe.
"The Grid" will be activated at the same time to capture the data it generates. CERN has placed a statue of Shiva in front of their building complete with "Skull and Bones" motif. This God of creation and destruction has a plaque quoting from Fritjof Capra's "Tao of Physics" which explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva's cosmic dance. Here is the text of the plaque: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, seeing beyond the unsurpassed rhythm, beauty, power and grace of the Nataraja, once wrote of it "It is the clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of." More recently, Fritjof Capra explained that "Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter," and that "For the modern physicists, then, Shiva's dance is the dance of subatomic matter."
It is indeed as Capra concluded: "Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics." The statue is a gift from India, celebrating CERN's long association with India which started in the 1960's and continues strongly today. It was unveiled by the Director General, Dr Robert Aymar, His Excellency Mr K. M. Chandrasekhar, Ambassador (WTO-Geneva) and Dr Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary, Dept of Atomic Energy, India. In the Hindu religion, this form of the dancing Lord Shiva is known as the Nataraj and symbolizes Shakti, or life force. As a plaque alongside the statue explains, the belief is that Lord Shiva danced the Universe into existence, motivates it, and will eventually extinguish it. Carl Sagan drew the metaphor between the cosmic dance of the Nataraj and the modern study of the 'cosmic dance' of subatomic particles. In June of 2008, CERN will be switching on the greatest physics experiment ever undertaken. The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, is a particle accelerator that will provide many answers to our questions about the Universe - What is the reason for mass? Where is the invisible matter in the Universe hiding? What is the relationship between matter and antimatter? Will we have to use a theory claiming more than four dimensions?..and what about "time"? Scientists say to open wormholes we'll need a particle accelerator. To keep them open will require something referred to as "exotic matter" or "dark matter". Scientists at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland are
working on discovering its secrets. Scientists at CERN are in a race with Fermilab, in Batavia, Ill. to discover the God Particle, a fundamental, but elusive, sub atomic particle that is given divine proportions by its moniker, the God Particle, and dark matter, the invisible, enigmatic substances that together are thought to comprise 96 per cent of the mass of the universe.
I discussed these ideas with William Henry on the Freeman Perspective January of last year. Watch as we explore the possible connections to ancient Atlantis and this new technology.
Watch the entire program with William Henry
This is a moment the New World Order has been waiting for. The processing power of "The Grid" will allow for A.I. type computing able to determine the outcome of future human events and process who will be in the detention camps created by National Security Presidential Directive 51. The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) will be activated in conjunction with "The Grid" in the middle of June which is titled "Red-Button" Day and the first collision will occur 2 months later.
When Worlds Collide

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

For more information on new technologies coupled with ancient technologies watch:
The Sorcerers of Atlantis
Freeman with Isaac Bonewitz

HAARP Space War
Watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
HAARP Conspiracy Theory
9-11 Conspiracy Theory
Make sure to watch my interview with Twin Tower architect Paul Laffoley
Get the whole interview here.
The magical side of HAARP
HAARP aired on the Freeman Perspective in November of 2006. This was my attempt to wrap up all of the knowledge that I had gathered before the turn of the century. I witnessed as HAARP turned on, the destruction of part of the facility, 4 states losing electrical power, Milosevic accusing the U.S. of creating earthquakes and floods in the Middle East. I watched the jet stream being manipulated, snow storms in the Middle East, and even witnessed weather modification first hand at the Rainbow gathering.

Here's HAARP translated into German

At this same time we were all witnessing strange anomalies with the sun.
I am proud to state that my documentary of HAARP won an award at Channel Austin.
This video includes some surprises like the discovery of the "Tomb of Osiris" found in the Giza underworld and subterranean aliens...
Just remember that many scoffed at the idea of a New World Order just a few short years ago.

Chemtrails: They Live, We Sleep