Pranked by the System – The Greek

Pranked by the System – The Greek

Pranked by the System – The Greek

Who wrote your operating system? Are we so divided by social constructs that riots in the streets are our only solution? Your vote is your vow to accept the electors choice. Should we expect doom and gloom? What do birthdays, cannibals and dolls have in common? Will there be a Middle East Union that controls the laws of the world? Has the Anti-Christ been born? Why wouldn't you want to tattoo "Trump is not my F-ing President" across your body?

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"The Greek" presents a series of Reports rationally addressing a far reaching range of contemporary subjects of chief importance to "modern society" not currently being discussed in any cogent manner elsewhere. Accepted paradigms relative to the modern religions of science, law and finance are shattered as the hard truths of their basis and workings are brought forward.

Organized religions are confronted as" doing nothing" as prescribed in the texts they allegedly subscribe to, as well as the critical inaccuracy of the versions in common use. Man's true nature as spirit, soul and body and Mankind's place within the universal order is described.

A light is shone on future geopolitical events from a "higher vantage point" revealing the very destiny of humanity.

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