New World Order Global Capitals

New World Order Global Capitals

Obama Inauguration PharaohPresident Obama has already assigned 10 Regional Governors for the coming UN Chartered Global Regions. Officially created by Executive Order 13528, issued by President Barack Obama on January 11, 2010, The Council of Governors is a "partnership between federal and state governments in protecting against hazards of all types."

Agenda 21 - This global contract binds governments around the world to the UN plan for changing the ways we live, eat, learn and communicate – all under the noble banner of saving the Earth. Its regulations would severely limit water, electricity and transportation – even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas. If implemented, it would manage and monitor all lands and people. No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and information system. - Berit Kjos, "Local Agenda 21 - The U.N. Plan for Your Community"

NWO-canberra_australiaHow far along is the New World Order? Henry Kissinger was tasked with designing, Canberra, the capital city of Australia which has an unmistakable "Eye in the Pyramid" theme. Australia houses the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, previously known as the Joint Defence Space Research Facility. This is believed to be the biggest portion of ECHELON in accordance with the UKUSA Security Agreement. Canberra is designed to reflect an ancient magical seal of Solomon to bind demons.
NWO-Astana_TowerFollowing this pattern, Astana houses the Congress of World Religions in the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. Built by Sembol Construction, the "Eye in the Pyramid" symbolism is clear. This area of Kazakhstan is home to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Founded on 2 June 1955, it was originally a test center for the world's first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for Russia. Now, it is the main launch site for the International Space Station. That is until Elon Musk has his Dragons fully operational.
Astana is designed as a seal of Solomon used to bind 72 demons and control their power. In America, this same seal was used to design the Bicentennial Mall in Nashville Tennessee. Learn more:

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"Dangerous, profoundly wrong and has no place in our society..." are the words President Obama used to describe human cloning. Was there a covert meaning in this message.
CERN opens dimensions and seeks dark matter in space. A spiraling vortex of sapphire particles opens over Norway as Obama arrives to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. Mysterious missiles launch from coast to coast and the Space War ramps up with the X-37B, an automated military space shuttle and Space X launches the Dragon preparing to meet Robonaut 2 on the ISS.
Are we witnessing the rise of the technocratic elite?

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