Montauk Mind Control – Peter Moon

Montauk Mind Control – Peter Moon

Montauk Mind Control – Peter Moon

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The radio, the television, and the computer, all have roots in the occult practices of shadowy societies seeking communication with inter-dimensional beings. Is the high technology of the Montauk Project connected to the Ark of the Covenant and the rise of the Anti-Christ?
Thomas Jefferson sailed to New York to gather the only dictionary of the Montauk Indians. It is said that this tribe spoke a Hebrew dialect and that the dictionary was lost on Jefferson's trip home. Psychic technology stemming from the Philadelphia Experiment was stationed at Camp Hero in Montauk New York. What mysteries does this region hold? Experiments into Time Travel and Astral Travel led to an understanding of how the mind can be fractured to create MKULTRA mind control slaves.

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Transilvanian PortalBlue beings with rH- blood from Mars may sound bizarre enough! How about Time Traveling particle accelerators in Transylvania? Peter Moon takes us on an adventure of discovery as we discuss his exploration of Romania with the head of the Time Travel Institute. Listen to Hour 2

Transylvanian SunrisePeter Moon is the synchronistic chronicler of the Montauk Project. He has penned nearly 20 books on the subject. You can find them at Sky Books USA From The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time to Transylvanian Sunrise, these are books that will literally change the modern consensus of scientific thinking with regard to the subject of time.

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