Trump Scientology Hillary Witchcraft – Josh Reeves

Trump Scientology Hillary Witchcraft – Josh Reeves

Trump Scientology Hillary Witchcraft – Josh Reeves

Beyond the gatekeepers, a mind war boils. How do Satanism, MK ULTRA and Scientology play into this scary election? Learn how Donald Trump is 1 degree away from L. Ron Hubbard and that Hillary uses Black Magic for Mind Control. This election is rigged and the psychological warfare was established 18 years ago! Disgracing the President, voter fraud, Constitution erosion, and sex scandals are only the outward projection of the deep ties to Black Magick, Satanism, and Mind Control that lead the unsuspecting populace to the depths of Hell with war on all sides. You will be shocked when you learn all these connections!

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Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, musician, and radio talk show host. He began his research career as early as the third-grade, looking into mysteries such as UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle. This journey continued into his teenage years in the 1990's with the JFK Assassination and learning of government crimes from reading “Crossfire,” by Jim Marrs, which led him to start investigating black operations and secret societies.

Josh gives his commentary and original point of view on news and currents events as well as information about Chemtrails, Secret/Ancient Societies, Bloodlines, Hidden Technology, Freemasons, and the overall plan of “The Global Elite.”

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