Howard Stern learns Obama is a clone of Akhenaten and George Bush is descended of Vlad the Impaler

Howard Stern learns Obama is a clone of Akhenaten and George Bush is descended of Vlad the Impaler

Howard Stern learns Obama is a clone of Akhenaten and George Bush is descended of Vlad the Impaler

Although Howard Stern and Robin show their ignorance and bash me pretty good, I consider this a home run! How many times did they repeat Akhenaten and the Freemasonic connection and for them to question Disney and politics was more than I could have hoped for! First, know your audience. I went into this interview expecting to be razzed. I planned my responses for maximum impact on a show like The Howard Stern Show. Listen to the entire broadcast

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Even though they only refer to me as "the man", I know anyone searching the topic of Obama being a clone of a pharaoh will be led to If they search George Bush's connection to Vlad the Impaler "Dracula" they will certainly find that this topic was well documented on CBS News and Us magazine. We will get this information to the world no matter what abuse we must suffer. I'll tell you the truth I was giddy listening and I think everything went perfectly!

Here's what had to say:

No convention is too strange for Stern Show correspondent Wolfie, who recently braved the Free Your Mind conference in Philadelphia to talk to a few of the conspiracy theorists in attendance. Many of the people he interviewed bought into the same plots and schemes (9/11 was an inside job, aliens exist, the Illuminati is real, etc.), but Wolfie also spoke with one gentleman who shared some lesser known ideas about American history.

"Obama and family are clones. They are a clone of an ancient pharaonic bloodline from Akhenaten or King Tut," the man told Wolfie. According to him, President Obama, the First Lady, and their two daughters are an "exact match" of the ancient Egyptian king's family. So why does that matter?

"Freemasons have a temple to Akhenaten in every Grand Lodge in the world and they are the ones that developed our country," he explained to Wolfie. "If they could bring anyone back it would be Akhenaten."

The presidential conspiracy theories didn't stop with the Obama family, either. Wolfie asked the man if he knew anything about the Bush family and he shared an interesting theory:

"They're all related to Dracula, Vlad the Impaler. And they've got this all over the news to show us that it's the case," he explained. "This vampiric bloodline is all the elite and all the people that come up through Disney and come up through politics, you'll find they're all related."

"They're not shitting you, they really think that this stuff is real," Wolfie told Howard and Robin, who then wondered whether they should show up at one of these events and spread their own conspiracy theories.

"Did you know that Fred is a direct descendent of the Creature from the Black Lagoon?" Howard joked.

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