Hollywood Mind Control and Occult Government. This is where the esoteric meets the political. Learn the truth about the meanings behind Illuminati Symbols in Corporations and explore High Profile Rituals performed by Top Celebrities. Ancient Aliens, Time-Travel, and Human Cloning with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Barack Obama. This is information you can find nowhere else.

The Obama Chronicles

Obama Inauguration Ritual
Magical politics, Christians vs. atheists, Lord of all nations, FEMA, DOD, Patriotism and Secret Societies.

Obama Lucifer
Freeman predicts March 2 asteroid DD45 unseen by JPL, Apophis, ET Disclosure, Strange Meteors Classified Secret

Obama Nation Pt 1
"W", the Last American President, Obama's Birth Certificate, The "uniter" Barack Hussein Obama's inaugural prayers exclude the name of Jesus, Albert Pike, WWIII and his letter to Mazzini, Hillary and Barack's Space Race with China, NASA's Nazi's.

Obama Nation Pt 2
Space weapons and Scalar Waves. Pope Benedict/Ratzinger, The Vatican and Alien connection, the Temple of Solomon and the Bahai Faith as the New World Order Religion.

Obama Apophis
The Free Zone - Asteroid Apophis comes from a group of asteroids known as the Aten. Apophis is Akhenaten's serpent deity of destruction. Obama combines NASA with the DOD.

Obama Space Wars
Freeman predicts March 2 asteroid DD45 unseen by JPL Apophis Disclosure Strange Meteors Secret

Obama is a clone?
Freeman on the American Awakening Michael Herzog - What is America? Where is it going? And Why? Freemasonry & Illuminati Symbolism

Obama, Akhenaten & the Bible
Even Sigmund Freud grappled with the idea that Akhenaten might be Moses. Freeman digs deeper.

Obama Alien Invasion
According to Wernher von Braun after the threat of asteroids comes the threat of aliens.

Are you Adaptable?
Transhumanism, designer babies, human cloning with Barack Obama, Pope Benedict, and Freeman.

Obama Cloning & the Bluebeam Project
What is news-worthy?

Radio Freeman

What is Reality?
Considering Imagination, Ancient Civilizations, Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies - 01 Radio Freeman 03-28-2007

I Think, I’m Insane
Trauma-Based Mind Control, Lucifer, Creating Culture, Ritual Sacrifice, War and Love – 02 Radio Freeman 04-03-2007

Chemtrails - They Live, We Sleep
Freeman joins Flo White in a music video to alter the mind. Chemtrails, mind control, and busting free with love!

Yes We Can = Thank You Satan
Played in reverse, “Yes we can” clearly becomes, “Thank you Satan”. This is the Satanification of America. Barack Obama does mean Lightning from Heaven in the tongue of Jesus!

Illuminati Goddess Worship
Goddess worship (Columbia), Illuminati Corporate Logos Symbolism, H.A.A.R.P., Chemtrails, the Nephilim, Kabbalism, Occultism – Red Ice Radio – May 4, 2006

Magic and Synchronicity
Magic and Synchronicity, Age of the Dark Hero, Princess/Warrior Programming, Fallen Angels, Book of Enoch – Red Ice Radio – May 18, 2006

Secret Destiny
Freemasonry, America’s Secret Destiny, Manly P. Hall, Secret Arts, Allegiance & Devotion – 03 Radio Freeman 04-09-2007

What’s To Come?
Alex Jones, Human Sovereignty, 9/11, Illuminati Schemes, Fear vs. Love, Beyond Belief – 04 Radio Freeman 04-09-2007

Katy Perry E.T. – [Occult Meaning]
Analysis of the occult psychological warfare of popular music.

Signs of Revelation
Kabalistic Fallen Angels, Shock and Awe, Meaning of “W”, VW = 666 Number of the Beast – Power of Prophecy
Texe Marrs and Freeman

Satanic Secret of Celebrities
Mind-Controlled Beauty Queens: Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Madonna, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, and Other Illuminati Sex Slaves.

You’re Good
Humanity, Loving, Nurturing, How To Understand Illuminati Methods and Occult Government Conspiracy
05 Radio Freeman 04-24-2007

Luciferian Programming
Hollywood Programming, Y2K Ritual, Freemasonry and Kabbalah, V for Vendetta, Tomb of Osiris, Child Labor Camps, Human Cloning - Alex Jones – July 16, 2008

Monarch Programming
Mk-Ultra, Mickey Mouse Club, Madonna, Sex Cults, Pedophile Rings, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith’s Death, Dannielynn, Howard K. Stern, Court Case of Anna’s Body, Release of Video in Clown Make-up
Red Ice Radio – March 4, 2007

“Do You Want To Know?”
“Truther” In-Fighting, Can’t Fight For Peace, Money As Magic, How To Share Truth

“Wondrous Stories”
Wondrous Stories Slideshow
Esoteric Journeys Across America With Picture Slide Show, Occult Architecture Secrets

"Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist"
Synchronistic Path of Discovery, How To Create A Conspiracy Theory

“What Is Human?”
Manifest Reality of Positive Expectation Outside Illuminati Control of Your Imagination

“The Bride of Christ”
Quest for the Holy Grail, We have affected the future for the betterment of all.

“Signs of Allegiance”
The abc’s of Occult Fascism, Predictive Programming, Peace in the Here and Now

“Rock n Roll”
Satan’s Music From Mozart and Crowley to the British Invasion, Kiss and the Grateful Dead

“What is Progress?”
Culture Creation, Faith in the Human, 9/11 Command Central and the Stock Market

“Ceremonial Magic”
Sorcerers of Atlantis, Black Magic, King Solomon, Occult Foundations to Civilization

“Human Nature”
We have this one last chance to save the world from all the children dying. Humans Love

“Dimensions of Laffoley”
An afternoon chat with visionary, Paul Laffoley Alchemy, Elvis Resurrected, RAEL

“The Incredible Craft”
A large V-Shaped Craft flew over and I met the High Priest of the Church of Satan

“Anarchy in the USA”
Alex Jones, 9/11, and Geraldo. Sheeple vs Patriots, Greed, Oil, Goals, Holographic Universe.

“The End of the World”
Solar Flares, the Y2K Ritual, Global Cataclysms, Planet X, Comets, Violent Revolution

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