Freeman Chemtrail Conspiracy

Freeman Chemtrail Conspiracy

Freeman Chemtrail Conspiracy

Freeman presents a Heaven Can Wait Productions: Chemtrails Clouds of Death. This includes Fox news telling you how well the "CHIP" will serve the New World Order! Also don't miss Freeman's award-winning documentary on HAARP

Feeling under the weather? Are your joints and head aching? Do you feel lethargic and depressed? Look up and know why. Chemtrails plague the world. Learn of their contents. Know what these do and seek out a cure. Barium, aluminum, pathogens, polymer fibers, what is it good for? Certainly, not breathing!

Rosalind Peterson joins Freeman for an hour discussion of Chemtrails (Persistent Contrails) Listen how we discuss birds falling from the sky ... weeks before birds fell from the sky in Austin. Rosalind recently appeared on the Discovery channel special Best Evidence; our first mainstream chemtrails exposure.

Freeman and friends, Shannon and Brian, discuss Atmospheric Beasts in Chemtrails. Have you ever seen images in the clouds? How about Angels and Demons in Chemtrails?

Weather Wars host Scott Stevens gives an unusual account of extra-terrestrial philosophy. It is considered more important to move into the "New Paradigm" than to unveil the technologies that have God-like powers. The power of change is within us.

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