Free Energy For Liberty – Robert Otey

Free Energy For Liberty – Robert Otey

Free Energy For Liberty – Robert Otey

Seeking liberty is an active current in our cosmos. Is it a Universal Law? Free energy exists and needs to be shown to the world!

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gravity is a mythRobert Otey has spent the past 25 years doing deep level research into alternative Cosmology. He has discovered a wealth of suppressed information which contradicts and debunks the seriously flawed theoretical gravitation based Cosmogony taught in academia. Robert's work proves this is in fact an Electric Universe based upon the foundations of Sacred Geometry. Meaning the gravity based, Big Bang, entropy, heat death Universe invented by academic atheists, which came from nothing only to return to nothing, is provably false.

Background: Cosmologist, Guitarist/Singer, Song Writer, Music Producer, Studio Engineer, Video Producer, Sacred Geometry Artist, Russellian Science Teacher, Apiarist, Horticulturist, Outdoorsmen, Schauberger Environmentalist and Water Researcher, Master Gardener.

Robert received his B.A. from U.C.S.D., La Jolla, Ca. In 1985. He Majored in Communications with a Minor in The Music History of African Americans.
Robert studied Classical, Baroque and Jazz Music at Cabrillo College, Aptos, Ca. in 1981-82
Robert studied Civil Engineering at American River College in Sacramento, Ca. 1976-78

Robert worked at Windham Hill Records in Palo Alto, Ca. after Graduating from U.C.S.D. Then he worked for Viacom Sales in San Francisco. After these corporate jobs, he began working as a freelance Studio Engineer in small Recording Studios around the SF Bay Area for the next 15 years and co-produced his debut CD, “Crooked Trail” with Sterling Crew as his co-producer in 1999, with an all star line up of World Famous Musicians: Kai Eckhardt, Celso Alberti, Steve Kindler and Marquino Brasil.

Robert wrote the 1200 page, free, online book called, “Free Energy and Free Thinking”, in 2001 after spending thousands of hours of independent research into alternative Science and Cosmology, never heard about in academia, from 1989-2001. Robert began teaching The Electric, Sacred Geometrical, Universe Model of Creation on youtube in 2008:

There are currently close to 700 videos regarding, The Chestahedron and Frank Chester, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, The Vortex Universe, The Vortex Solar System, Phi, Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, DB Larson, Pari Spolter, TH Moray and Nikola Tesla on his 77Gslinger youtube channel which debunk the false science taught in corporate owned and controlled academia and prove the Divine Nature of a Creator centered and bounded Electric Universe founded on Sacred Geometry, which had no beginning, nor shall it ever end.

Robert Produced 18 videos for the Russellian Science TEC Series, based on the many years of study he
put into the Cosmology authored by Walter Russell, which is the Electric Universe Cosmology based upon Sacred Geometry. And has produced dozens of other videos for youtube related to Russell's work as well as debunking the false gravitation based Cosmogony taught in academia.

Robert is the author of two Books:

“Free Energy and Free Thinking” and “Gravity is a Myth and Does Not Exist; Electricity is the Only Force in the Universe”

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