Freeman Flashback – Explain the Pentagram

Freeman Flashback – Explain the Pentagram

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Freeman is guest on The Corbett Report July 9th 2010. Signs and symbols of the Illuminati all around us, defined. Venus and the Pentagram? Who is Columbia? How does she relate to Lucifer? Let's get into some symbolism!

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Take a page out of Weird Stuff

In the world of Harry Potter there are two types of people, the magicians and the muggles. This implies that there are some people who can perform magic and others who cannot. The chosen few, who are of a certain ancestry, must be initiated and indoctrinated by a priest craft in order to perform miracles. We hold that in reality this is simply not true. Magic is a change in consciousness and a change in consciousness is a change in reality. Any deliberate action which produces a visible ripple over the surface of our existence can be considered a magical act. If working magic is as simple as combining our free will with imagination, it seems that we are all magicians. “Since everyone who lives is possessed of the magical ability to transform matter and to produce mental worlds, then everyone is a magician.”

The idea of God answering prayer could also be described as an extraordinary power or influence from a supernatural source. Modern philosophers would call this experience “co-creation.” In its broadest sense, magic is the art of making things happen.

So, if we are constantly practicing magic by co-creating our own reality, how can we tell if our works will bear the fruit of good or evil? Modern Magick gives us examples of three different types of magic:
1.White Magick, which is “for the purpose of obtaining the Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel.” A curious goal for a phenomenon that has always been deemed by the church as dangerous heresy.
2. Black Magick is done “for the purpose of causing physical or non- physical harm to yourself or others, and is done either consciously or unconsciously.”
3. Grey Magick is a mixture of black and white magic and is done “for the purpose of causing physical or non physical good to yourself or others.” This is also done consciously or unconsciously. Isaac Bonewits states that “There is nothing that we as scientists (and all magicians are scientists) can label “Black Magic” or “White Magic” just as we cannot as scientists label anything “Good” or “Evil.” That is the job of ethics, not science.” Some magicians disregard the monochromatic idea of black and white magic altogether and ad- here to a full color spectrum where Green magic is done for the earth and fertility; Blue magic is for emotions; Red magic has to do with matters of the body and so on. Aleister Crowley’s successor, Kenneth Grant, states that “There is only Magick; whether it is ‘black’ or ‘white’ in the moral sense depends solely on the intent of the operator.” In truth, there are as many systems of magic as there are people on the planet for no two magicians are the same and the magic works best if it is your own.

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