DARPA Unveils ATLAS – The Robot King of Atlantis Has Risen

DARPA Unveils ATLAS – The Robot King of Atlantis Has Risen

ATLAS robotIf science fiction has anything to say about it, DARPA's new 330-pound, six-foot two-inch tall Atlas robot will be more than a sophisticated human-sized bipedal rescue robot created by Boston Dynamics. We are seeing the future of Terminator Salvation crossed with Battlestar Galactica. Frak the gods!

Atlas ruled Atlantis at the time of its demise around 12,000 years ago. The Atlanteans technology had surpassed their spirituality and destroyed their world. As you follow the trends of the modern technocracy, life takes on another dimension, literally. Telepresence robots on the International Space Station and robotic space planes orbiting our planet are only a fraction of the leaps technology has taken. CERN celebrates ATLAS, as well as ALICE. These are their Large Hadron Colliders seeking the "God Particle" and entrance through the wormhole. Mind Transfer coupled with human cloning will not be far off and at this rate, you could have yourself in a shiny new robot in no time.

Atlas includes an onboard computer, hydraulic pump and the ability to manage its temperature, plus a tether (like a tail) that carries 480V three-phase power at 15 kW. Launched in October, DARPA’s two year build-a-robot-savior contest has teams competing on various tracks to design agile and durable mechanical servants capable of going where most humans wouldn’t dare. Will they be exploring collapsed mines rescuing trapped miners, neutralizing explosive devices, or working in contaminated areas after accidents like Fukushima, or will the prophecies of science fiction be the truer course?
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"Dangerous, profoundly wrong and has no place in our society..." are the words President Obama used to describe human cloning. Was there a covert meaning in this message.
CERN opens dimensions and seeks dark matter in space. A spiraling vortex of sapphire particles opens over Norway as Obama arrives to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. Mysterious missiles launch from coast to coast and the Space War ramps up with the X-37B, an automated military space shuttle and Space X launches the Dragon preparing to meet Robonaut 2 on the ISS.
Are we witnessing the rise of the technocratic elite?

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