Corey Spacey and Alien Consciousness – Lauda Leon

Corey Spacey and Alien Consciousness – Lauda Leon

Corey Spacey and Alien Consciousness – Lauda Leon

Stranger Things have happened but to see child actors come forward and either play a role based on MKULTRA or tell you that it is true, life has taken a turn. The political and Hollywood pedophilia child abuse is exploding to the surface. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and even Bill and Hillary Clinton have been accused of causing trauma to children. How deep does this go? Why does Corey Feldman receive more ridicule than favor? Are we witnessing the revelation of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Can the public ever accept the bizarre reality of this? Should we seek justice? Or, is doing so leading to our own demise? Is there a third option to humanities salvation?

As Montauk and MKULTRA gain recognition, can people see the reality of opening a portal to another dimension and pulling a demonic force through? What does this say about CERN and our coming augmented reality? Will we take a Magic Leap into a Upside Down world with no sympathy? When you add MILAB and alien abduction scenarios, how does the landscape change? Who becomes the villain, then? How connected are extraterrestrial beings to our concept of demonic beings?

It doesn't stop there! Now, throw in A.I., DNA manipulation, and cloning with computer mind-transfer technology and we are just beginning to understand the perils of the 21st century. It's going to be a wild ride! Do you feel like you have enough friends and family to weather this storm? Can we remove our agreement and seek the world of our dreams?

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Lauda Leon is a life long survivor of anomalous trauma including E.T. abduction contact, MILAB experiences and paranormal phenomena. She has natural psychic abilities and deep comprehensive knowledge of quantum reality mechanics as a result of her experiences. Lauda has ?academic studies is anthropology, archeology, environmental politics, forensic psychology and mental health with additional studies and practice in energy work, Consegrity and Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing. She is a facilitator of quantum healing, energy reader and a practitioner of Holographic Kinetics.

As a career Lauda is a psychic anomalous psychological profiler with a background in Forensic Psychology. ?Through the synthesis of intuitive, academic education and experienc?ial forensics psychology work, she is able to offer a uniquely skilled profiling ability that incorporates the multi-layers of reality penetrating beyond the veils.

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