Conspiracy Confessions

Conspiracy Confessions

Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist

What Is Reality? - [High Quality]

Considering Imagination, Ancient Civilizations, Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies

I Think, I'm Insane - [High Quality]

Trauma-Based Mind Control, Lucifer, Creating Culture, Ritual Sacrifice, War & Love

Secret Destiny - [High Quality]

Freemasonry, America's Secret Destiny, Manly P. Hall, Secret Arts, Allegiance & Devotion

What's To Come? - [High Quality]

Alex Jones, Human Sovereignty, 9/11, Illuminati Schemes, Fear vs. Love, Beyond Belief

You're Good - [High Quality]

Humanity, Loving, Nurturing, How To Understand Illuminati Methods and Occult Gov't Conspiracy

Do You Want To Know?

"Truther" In-Fighting, Can't Fight For Peace, Money As Magic, How To Share Truth

Wondrous Stories

Wondrous Stories Slideshow

Esoteric Journeys Across America With Picture Slide Show, Occult Architecture Secrets

Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist

Synchronistic Path of Discovery, How To Create A Conspiracy Theory

What Is Human?

Manifest Reality of Positive Expectation Outside Illuminati Control of Your Imagination

The Bride of Christ

Quest for the Holy Grail, We have affected the future for the betterment of all.

Signs of Allegiance

The abc's of Occult Fascism, Predictive Programming, Peace in the Here and Now


Satan's Music From Mozart and Crowley to the British Invasion, Kiss and the Grateful Dead

What is Progress?

Culture Creation, Faith in the Human, 9/11 Command Central and the Stock Market

Ceremonial Magic

Sorcerers of Atlantis, Black Magic, King Solomon, Occult Foundations to Civilization

Human Nature

We have this one last chance to save the world from all the children dying. Humans Love

Dimensions of Laffoley

An afternoon chat with visionary, Paul Laffoley Alchemy, Elvis Resurrected, RAEL

The Incredible Craft

A large V-Shaped Craft flew over and I met the High Priest of the Church of Satan

Anarchy in the USA

Alex Jones, 9/11, and Geraldo. Sheeple vs Patriots, Greed, Oil, Goals, Holographic Universe.

The End of the World

Solar Flares, the Y2K Ritual, Global Cataclysms, Planet X, Comets, Violent Revolution

Gaylon Ross

Freeman w/ Gaylon Ross, Best selling author of "The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People"

Rosalind Peterson

Freeman w/ Rosalind Peterson, California Skywatch - Chemtrails vs. Persistent Contrails, Weather Modification

Scott Stevens

Weather Wars, Scalar Weapons, Solar Storms, Bilderberg, Handbook for a New Paradigm, Happiness and Salvation

Janet Swerdlow

Freeing Souls Through Connection w/ Soul Mind, Escaping Mind Control, Illuminati Mind Pattern Programming

Stewart Swerdlow

Galactic History, Lyra, Pleiades, False Flag, Alien Invasion, Reptilian Moon Base, Hollywood, War Propaganda

Isaac Bonewitz

Academically Accredited Magician, United Ancient Order of Druids, Define Magic, HAARP, Crowley, Magnetism

Conspiracy Theory

Civilization, Destruction, Sea Smurfs, Catastrophe Cycles, Elections, CERN, Keeping Faith

Freeman's Predictions

Mark the Beast, Y2K, National ID, Homeland Security, Christian Patriots, Mind Control

Luciferian Zeitgeist

Venus Project, Jesus, Lucifer, Control Grid, New World Order, Money's End, New Atlantis

Predictive Programming

Economic Collapse, American Salvation, Reactions, Globalization, Love, Revolution

Esoteric Agenda and the Occult

Sorcerers of Atlantis, Esozone, Esoteric Ritual, Roots of Civilization


Want to Save the World? Path of Inner Child, Healing, Trauma, Trust Change, Spiritual Destiny

Disney Illuminated

Military, Freemasonry, Disneyland, Illuminati Trauma-Based Mind Control, Walt's Origins

Manly P Hall, Relationship of Astronomy and Religion, Zodiac, Egypt, Gods, Calendar, Sun Cycle


Love to Save the World? Here's what you do. Change Your Mind. Follow the Miraculous. Let Go.

Making a Living

The meaning of existence? Do we choose to be here? Where do our beliefs come from?

Secrets of Kabbalah pt1

Manly P Hall, Order of the Quest, Metaphysics, Transcendence vs Imminence of Deity

Secrets of Kabbalah pt2

Challenge Reality, All Pervading Presence of Universal Substance, Eternity, Limitlessness, Service to Others

My Strange Life

Tales of an Extraordinary Existence, UFO, MK Ultra, Reincarnation, Cloning, Reptilian Brain

Forbidden Archeology

Human Endeavor, End of the World Program, Anomalous Ancient Artifacts, Leavers, Takers

The King of Pop is Dead

Michael Jackson, July 4th, Pope, Temple Mount, Ark of Covenant, World War III, LCROSS

Oz, No place like home

Transient Society, IMF, WTO Protest, Time Traveling Nazis, Space, Phobos, Power of You


Programmed Chaos, "Birthers" Take Down America, Christian/Muslim Patriot Separation, Brat Nation

Occult Science Radio on Obama & Mind Control

Obama, Saddam Hussein, George & Barbara Bush, Hitler, Crowley, Satan, Lucifer, Atlantis, Dubai, Walt Disney, Freemason, Alan Moore & Dannielynn

Obama Alien Invasion

10/13 Blue Beam Moon LCROSS CARE SELENA Chandrayaan-1 CERN NASA UFOs

Dr. Deagle with Freeman

Freeman is the guest on Dr. Deagle's Nutrimedical Report

Why Bomb The Moon?

Japan crashes a probe into the moon while India announces the discovery of water on the moon a week before NASA launches LRO and LCROSS. Why did America "bomb the moon"? Is this a kinetic space weapon? Deeper insights into NASA's plans for Full Spectrum Dominance of space.

Are You Adaptable?

Ready for the present? CERN, Human Cloning, Annunaki, the Greys, Improbability Drive, Love

Obama Social Securityâ

What DO we know about Barack Obama? 25 Social Security Numbers, No Record of Life

2012 & the Age of Catastrophe

Dave Chappelle, Deep Impact, Crustal Shift, 2012 Prophecy, Atlantis, Mayan Doomsday

You Chose To Be Here

Money, Power, Written Word, Give Up Everything Gain The World, Release Victim Consciousness

Obama Cloning Confirmed

Freeman, Dr. Deagle, Dr. A. True Ott, Confirmation of the Cloning of Barack Obama

Operation Culture Creation

Are You a Princess or a Mind Controlled Slave? Lady Gaga, Britney, Hannah Montana

Money Spell

Do you believe in Magic? Money's faith-based system. What is money? Loss of your Free Will.

Mysterious Vortex & Dr. Deagle

Australia, Boeing VLF, Haiti, HAARP Fireballs, Mirrors in Space, Mind Transfer

Lucifer Disaster

Anniversary of Columbia Crash, Obama Ends Funding to NASA, Space X, Dragon Rises, Lucifer Announces 3rd Temple, Lady Gaga

21st Century Capital Warfare

World Parliament, Echelon, Project Wormwood, Iran, EMP, Lucifer, Maitreya, New Light Experiment, Technocracy

The Beast & the Hidden God - Crowley to Spielberg

Nuit, Isis, Sothis, Sirius, Set, An, Satan, 11, Black Magick, Pharaonic Magic, ET, Mind-Wave

Show Me The Way

You are the guide to our beloved future. Help others help themselves transform this world with heart-felt knowing.

Freeman Meets David Icke

Conscious Evolution, Keeping Down Our Reptilian Brain, Truth Vibrations, Love Solutions.

Alex Jones Interviews Freeman, July 25th 2008

Alex Jones Interviews Freeman - July 16th, 2008

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