Conscious Conception – Jeanice Barcelo

Conscious Conception – Jeanice Barcelo

Conscious Conception – Jeanice Barcelo


Prenatal Psychology is the foundation of health in body, mind, emotions and in enduring response patterns to life. Trauma-based mind control of a fetus is not often discussed amongst revolutionaries. The truth is, conscious conception should be the focus of our solutions for society. We do not struggle to save our world. We create and prepare the next generation to find the true soul's purpose of mankind. With consideration and love we can co-create reality with our children and our children's children.

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The Ringing Cedar series of books about a young Russian woman living in harmony with nature is changing people's perception of what it means to be mankind. Jeanice Barcelo is an avid fan of the works of Vladimir Megre and was eager to share her thoughts with you.

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Jeanice Barcelo is a researcher, writer, educator, and activist dedicated to exposing and transforming the dark side of modern medicine. She is especially concerned about the violence being perpetrated against mothers and infants during hospital birth, but she also speaks out about other evils, such as vaccines, GMO foods, chemtrails, nuclear power and radiation, child abuse, pornography, animal abuse, and the satanic takeover of our planet.

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