Michael Jackson was seeking immortality. Will there be clones of Michael Jackson? You can learn of this quest in Aliens From Hell. Michael looked into tele-presence robots to house his soul. He even met with Rael, the alleged ambassador of the extraterrestrial Elohim, to start his cloning process. Rael spoke before Congress about human cloning with his colleague from Clonaid, Brigitte Boisselier.

On Halloween, The International Business Times reported, Good news for fans of Michael Jackson who are still grieving his demise. A clone of the dead star may be among us very soon as he had reportedly cloned himself before his untimely death.

"Jackson desperately wanted a clone of himself to be made in order for someone to carry on with his music and legacy even after his death. To make his wish a reality, he had even made safe deposits of his sperm in three different medical laboratories across the world." [Read More]

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