Can we trust Freemasons?

Can we trust Freemasons?

Can we trust Freemasons?

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Frater X, an expert in occult sciences and hermetic arts as well as member of over 9 esoteric fraternal orders, and I will ask him, "Can we trust Freemasons?" I think his answer will surprise you!
His website is MiddleChamberFX

Be on the lookout for his upcoming book,
The Secret War Inside Freemasonry

In hour 2 Frater X returns for a discussion of the magician behind the Masonic dogma, Eliphas Levi and his influence on Albert Pike and a mind control program from SRI. Who created the goat-headed beast? How can constant ritual manifest a being such as, Baphomet? Are we on the verge of positive transformation only to be thwarted by our own belief systems and genetic coding? Here is the document Changing Images of Man

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With over a decade of research and experience, Frater X presents the Secret War on Human Consciousness DVD. His spirited talk from Free Your Mind 2.

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