Bitcoin Blockchain and a Qanon Coup – Greg Reese

Bitcoin Blockchain and a Qanon Coup – Greg Reese

Bitcoin Blockchain and a Qanon Coup – Greg Reese

Will it take a military coup over the deep state and Blockchain A.I. to bring humanity to a pure democracy? Will cryptocurrency and blockchain technology transform how we reach consensus in politics, finance, and the ecology of the planet? Bitcoin's energy requirements have surpassed over 150 nation's annual energy usage! Will The Matrix come true and humanity becomes the batteries of the Artificial Intelligence driven by the unhackable system powering cryptocurrencies?

Can we become sovereign by investing in this new money while a coup removes the deep state of pedophilia, satanic worship, and dirty dealing? Do Hillary and McCain really have ankle bracelets monitoring their every move?

Qanon is guiding a narrative, telling people which news stories to pay attention to and suggesting we sit back and watch the show. Is Qanon a foreign agent, a Trump insider, co-intelpro, or is Q an A.I.? Can we rely on a "Golden Alliance" to rescue us or is it time to step up, step out and meet people face to face with real talk?

Art and literature have changed humanity more than anything on the planet. Is seeking happiness and venting anger through art a viable method of social change?

Greg Reese was born in Vallejo, California, raised in Cleveland, and has served as a Marine saw-gunner, a carpenter, musician, filmmaker, and a writer.

Greg likes to keep busy with work, creativity, and exercise. He particularly enjoys learning new things, defending truth and liberty, and constantly challenging his own beliefs.

Having suffered at the hands of Jesuits when he was five years old, Greg decided to write a book about his experiences. Sex Drugs and OM: An Autobiography of an American Yogi, is an enlightening and entertaining account of how he transcended suffering with the help of meditation. It is a book about growing up in America, the quest for truth, and the power of being self-aware.

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