Believe it or else! Muslim Attacks – Jamie Hanshaw

Believe it or else! Muslim Attacks – Jamie Hanshaw

Believe it or else! Muslim Attacks – Jamie Hanshaw

WWIII has begun according to the United Nations and a European migration/invasion is underway. Janet Jackson converts to Islam and Louis Farrakhan tells Jay-Z to cover up Beyonce. How does our mean world syndrome compare to everyday life? What is the Kalergi Plan and what does it have to do with the Syrian Refugee crisis? What is the tipping point for a Muslim population to live peaceably with their non Muslim neighbors?
Mass public Muslim prayers can be seen in Parliament Square in London, Washington DC, Moscow, New York City, Paris, Rome, Milan, and many other places. What is a woman's place in Islam and does covering up really discourage sexual harassment? Who is Mohamed and where did his visions come from?

Who is Allah? Is he actually a she? Catholicism is embracing Islam in every way. Is that because they created it? How embedded is pedophilia into every religion? Many key positions in America's government are held by Muslims. Is Obama a Christian or a Muslim or neither? ISIS is obviously not a spontaneous terrorist group and is receiving support from Western governments. Who are the most racist people on Earth and who are the most tolerant? The answer may surprise you. What does "Clock Boy" have to do with Saturn? Saudi Arabia executes more people than ISIS, so why are they being put into leadership roles regarding human rights within the U.N.?

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Weird Stuff Part 2Jamie is a second generation conspiracy theorist. Growing up in the 80's and 90's she was exposed very early to the growing world of truth seekers, alternative historians, Clinton scandals, FEMA activities and witchcraft in Saturday morning cartoons. Being raised in the Christian church for 25 years and teaching Sunday school she is knowledgeable of the Bible, the life of Jesus, Islam, Satanism, Mormonism, Exorcism, and many other isms. Further studies include the occult activities of secret societies, the Freemasons, magic, sorcery, Kabalistic rituals, and Hollywood trauma-based mind control. Jamie, with co-writer Freeman, is compiling all of this information into a fully illustrated, well-referenced compendium of the occult mind pattern programming of Hollywood and the Mainstream media in their new book, Weird Stuff Operation: Culture Creation.

Know the truth about Walt Disney Co. and their connection with the military industrial complex. Understand the purpose of Lady Gaga performing a blood sacrifice on American Idol and Madonna's use of Kabbalah in Super Bowl High Profile Rituals. This book has information for ministers and magi, alike. Easily share this information with your friends with this tabloid style encyclopedia of Illuminati symbolism, pop culture social engineering, and the personal power of esoteric knowledge. Jamie goes where your minister will not dare!

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