Almost Human 666 CIA Transhumanism

Almost Human 666 CIA Transhumanism

No one can deny that J.J. Abrams is creative so, why does 666 appear in his CIA-backed series Alias and his new transhumanist series, Almost Human?

Almost-Human-666"The truth is we can teach most of our clandestine field operatives what they need to know." - CIA liaison to the entertainment industry

We have witnessed the CIA's involvement in the entertainment industry for years. Certainly, the DOD and FBI have had Hollywood liasons longer than the CIA but, no one does it like "The Company".


J.J. Abrams has been involved with social engineering with the CIA for decades. His connections to Walt Disney Co. and creating CIA recruitment television should be enough for any follower of this author. But, there is always more to the picture.

The history of covert intelligence begins with the occult.
Does it recognize Satan?

J.J. Abrams is Jewish and recognizes the Hebrew connotation of VVV as 666. In Alias, a rogue intelligence agency known as The Alliance of Twelve is an enemy of the United States and a rival to the CIA. Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) is enlisted in one of the Alliance of Twelve's terrorist cells known as SD-6. The covert operation is concealed as a company known as Credit Dauphine. Their corporate logo is VVV or in Hebrew, 666.
You will see this VVV/666 symbolism in almost every frame of Almost Human and I still haven't learned the reason the police force in 2048 uses VVV as their logo. Could it be the Transhumanist connection? J.J.'s company is called Bad Robot! And, of course in English, 666 would spell FOX.

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Posted: Apr 12, 2007 07:59 AM

Jennifer-Garner-CIAThe CIA Recruitment Center posted a video on the CIA Careers website featuring Jennifer Garner. The video emphasizes the CIA's mission, and its need for people with diverse backgrounds and foreign language skills. Ms. Garner was excited to participate in the video after being asked by the Office of Public Affairs. The CIA's Film Industry Liaison, Chase Brandon, worked with the writers of "Alias" during the first season to educate them on fundamental tradecraft. He says both Jennifer and her TV character "reflect a lot of qualities we look for in new career field officers". "If Jennifer ever decides she doesn't want to wear dark glasses of the celebrity status, she can put on dark glasses and be a spy," he says. "She's got what it takes." Saying the agency is looking for candidates possessing honesty, integrity, creativity, and a willingness to take risks, he added: "It's nice if you fly planes and speak foreign languages."
"Miss Garner has a standing invitation to come by the agency, where she is guaranteed to meet a vast number of fans."

The Career of J.J. Abrams

CIA Recruitment Commercial - Jennifer Garner

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